Christmas with Fox & Beagle

We love Christmas, and we'd love to help out at your Christmas party. If you're interested drop us a line.

If you're just here for some free inspiration, here are all of our Christmas cocktail favourites in one place, with a new infusion or project added every Saturday and new recipes added every day between now and Twelfth Night...

Ho! Ho! Ho!:

Cocktail Recipes

Happy New Year

Christmas in the Square

Mince Pie Old Fashioned

Spiced Orange & Champagne

Spiced Orange Cosmo

Last Waltz

Gin & Gingerbread

Winter Sazerac

Winter Sour

Christmas Pudding Bourbon

Cranberry & Pine

Mince Pie Sazerac

Copper Dog's Nose

Falconry Demonstration

Velvet Goldmine

Rudolph Collins

Mini Mac

Without Prejudice

Christmas in Manhattan #2

Christmas Champagne Cocktail

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Spiced Orange Old Fashioned

Aquavit & Spiced Cider

Gingerbread Old Fashioned

Gingerbread Purl

Cinnamon Apple Manhattan

Camomile Toddy

Infusions & Projects

Mince Pie Brandy

Cinnamon Pear Whisky

Spiced Orange Syrup

Christmas Tincture

Gingerbread Gin Liqueur

Feeling festive?

Contact us now and we can serve up some hits at your Christmas party or event!