About Us

Fox /fɒks/ noun Scottish vulpes in London is a photographer and drink stylist. She loves a gin cocktail (a Last Word, if you're asking) and she loves to plan parties, make beautifully-styled drinks, serve them in gorgeous glassware alongside spectacular accessories and then take some damn fine photographs of them.

Beagle /biːɡəɫ/ noun London-based dipsologist and dipsographer - a student and scribe of cocktails. He's happiest with a Penicillin in hand, but will take a Manhattan if your honey-ginger syrup is on the turn. As the research and planning guy, he'll work up a novel twist on a Victorian classic, then do the sums to make sure that your event bar never runs out of them.

Together we are Fox and Beagle.

We love cocktails and mixed drinks; we love to photograph them, we love to write about them, but most of all we love to make them.

Our process starts with the research. The beagle will dive into the history books, or into the brains of the finest bartenders in London and beyond. The fox will be ahead of the trend (she always is, don't ask how).

Working with you, our lovely client, we'll craft a distinctive and unique menu for your wedding or party.

Maybe you have a specific theme: Pineapples and flamingos? A colour scheme: Sarcoline and coquelicot? A favourite drinking memory? Or something esoteric: A drink modelled on the smell of the sea spray at full moon on Margate beach when he got down on one knee? No problem. We can do that. With the faint smell of hot dogs in the background? Bit weird, but sure, why not?!

Maybe you need some inspiration? Don't worry, we have ideas too, and the experience to guide you from day one to the big day whatever the circumstances.

Contact us now to talk Last Words, honey-ginger syrup and plans for your wedding or event!