Hot Buttered Whisky

Hot Buttered Whisky might sound like a strange idea - I mean who doesn't want melted butter in their Scotch, right? - but that's only because you haven't tried it yet.

We'll avoid any cheap shots at the Scottish diet (not least because the history of the drink shows it has strong links to colonial America), and move straight on to singing its praises as a blissfully smooth, rich and warming concoction.

One sip and you'll be a convert.

Hot Buttered Whisky

(per drink)
50ml whisky
3cm cube of butter (see below)
hot water

Combine all ingredients in a mug or heatproof glass and stir to dissolve the butter.

Butter Mix - makes 125g:
60ml whisky
125g room temperature butter
90g brown sugar
30g agave syrup or honey
pinch of salt
1g ground nutmeg
1g ground cloves
2.5g ground cinnamon

Mix all ingredients in a food mixer for 1-2 minutes. Spoon out onto cling film and spread to 1/2cm thickness. Wrap and refrigerate for one hour before use.

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