Mince Pie Sazerac

A Sazerac with a twist – the dried fruit flavour of our mince pie brandy and sweet sherry. This is what Father Christmas wants left out by the fireplace tonight!

What was it in your house? Port? Sherry? A single malt? Maybe just milk? Father Christmas gets a selection of different drinks to accompany his mince pie or cookie as he travels the globe delivering presents to good boys and girls, but secretly, what he really wants is a drink and pie in one - the Mince Pie Sazerac.

Here's how to make sure you're on the nice list from this year hence.

Mince Pie Sazerac

50ml mince pie brandy
15ml sweet sherry
four dashes Peychaud's bitters
barspoon absinthe
barspoon simple syrup

Rinse an old fashioned glass absinthe and set aside. Combine sugar and Peychaud’s in a mixing glass and stir to combine. Add the Cognac, sherry and cubed ice and stir well. Strain into the absinthe rinsed glass and finish with a spritz of absinthe.

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