Bienvenue à Paris! La renarde partage ses bars préférés dans La Ville-Lumière

Little Red Door - Marais, troisième

The most famous door in Paris. For cocktail lovers, at least. "Playfully pushing boundaries" since its inception, this relaxed and cosy bar is inspired by the local arts scene and has an international reputation. The bare brick and low candlelight give a nod to its speakeasy heritage (the red door was a symbol of the illicit drinking dens of Prohibition-era America) and the menu (which changes approximately twice a year) caters to all tastes.

Le Syndicat - Gare du Nord, dixième

The self-proclaimed 'Organisation de Défense des Spiritueux Français' could appear excessively patriotic due to its policy of only using French ingredients, but when you're the home of Champagne, Cognac and absinthe, as well as a range of vermouths and liqueurs - well, why not? Hidden behind an apparently abandoned shopfront in an err less than salubrious area, it's worth a visit, offers a solid hip hop soundtrack and has a menu unhampered by its protectionist premise.

Danico - Bourse, deuxième

Appended to a pizza restaurant, Danico has style in droves as an homage to its location in the former flagship store of Jean Paul Gaultier, and it's the marble herringbone bar that really steals the show. A strict twelve drink menu overseen by decorated bartender Nico de Soto, makes use of innovative techniques and quality ingredients. Truly a bar to be seen at.

Candelaria - Marais, troisième

You might not have come to Paris to eat Mexican food, but Candelaria could just change your mind. With tacos, tostadas, Mexican beer and Margaritas at the bright counter out front, and high-end agave cocktails and spirits in the dark lounge through the back, you'll find your entire Saturday night catered to at one address.

Dirty Dick - Saint-Georges, neuvième

Yes, yes, the name suggests a dive bar, this is a packed tiki bar that does not hold back. Yes, there are Hawaiian shirts, yes there are ridiculous drinking vessels, and yes, there are bright, tropical and fresh drinks a-plenty. A short hop from the iconic Moulin Rouge, this is a bar that keeps the party going all night.

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