Hibiscus Royale

In the Caribbean, Christmas isn't Christmas without the bright crimson of hibiscus, and once the flowers begin to appear at markets across the region, thoughts soon turn to sorrel wine (which is usually a famililial blend of hibiscus and white rum - but each island tends to have its own formulation).

This recipe isn't exactly our take on sorrel wine, but bears some similarities. Not least the exceptionally festive colour.

Hibisus Royale

(per drink)
50ml blended aged rum
35ml hibiscus syrup
10ml simple syrup
15ml fresh lime juice

Shake first four ingredients with ice. Strain into a Champagne coupe and top with chilled Champagne.

Hibiscus Syrup - Brew a strong cup of hibiscus tea according to instructions on the packet. Combine with a cup of white sugar and the peel from a lemon. Stir until the sugar dissolves. Allow to cool and strain. Keep (in the fridge) for up to one month.

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