Summer Wedding – Bring a Barrel


Seven month home-aged English whisky served with a peach smash mix at a spring wedding in East Sussex.

The Beagle met his best friend at a mathematics masterclass when he was 14 (so cool, right?). They shared all their teenage dramas (until they were well into their twenties). Then in 2015, having survived many scrapes along the way, she was ready to get married.

The wedding took place at her parents' country home with a relaxed, traditional English vibe. There were a few tents in the garden and plenty of bunting and tea lights in the trees.

One of the tents had been designated the 'chill out tent' - and was due to be stocked with a bucket of 'posh booze' for the sophisticated thinking drinker. We were invited to provide a drink to fit the bill.

The groom was a fan of peaty whisky and the bride, well, she was just interested in the tequila. Either way, we thought this was a perfect time to use some peated new-make spirit from the English Whisky Company in Norfolk.

Like the couple, it was a little rough around the edges (it was only about a year old). But we took some of 2007's Chapter 4 release and barrel-aged it at home for a further seven months.

When it emerged, it was (also like the couple) smooth and fruity, with a hint of orange zest. We served it (straight from the on-brand barrel) with a boozy peach syrup mix which also mixed nicely with the tequila (and went down a little too easily with those who mistook it for a soft drink).

Peated Peach Smash

1/2 peach
50ml peated whisky
15ml triple sec
25ml sugar syrup (1:1)

Muddle half a peach and the lemon juice in the bottle of a cocktail shaker.  Add the remaining ingredients and shake with cubed ice.  Strain into a chilled rocks glass over fresh ice.

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