Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Everyone needs a fantastic hot chocolate recipe up their sleeve at this time of year and the possibilities are endless. The simplest version just adds a dash of your favourite spirit or liqueur to the mug - we're partial to using a punchy whisky like Talisker, or something from Islay with a decent hit of sea spray and peat. Other recipes call for brandy, Baileys or even mezcal for a rich Mexican version.

This recipe, however, is inspired by the peppermint schnapps hot chocolate of the après-ski scene, but with homemade peppermint bourbon as an easy alternative and is guaranteed to warm you from the inside out whether you've been braving the slopes or just the High Street!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

30ml peppermint infused bourbon
hot chocolate
barspoon Chartreuse (optional)

Add 30ml of peppermint-infused bourbon to a mug (or heat-proof glass) and set aside. Meanwhile make the hot chocolate according to instructions on pack. Combine the hot chocolate and bourbon and add a dash of Chartreuse for a richer, more complex, floral flavour.

Peppermint Bourbon - makes 200ml – Combine four teaspoons of peppermint tea in 200ml of bourbon and leave to infuse for one hour. Strain out the tea and transfer to a sterile bottle. Keep for up to six months.

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