Christmas Champagne Cocktail

There are many ways to start the day with Champagne on 25 December, but this one ties in the traditional 'Champagne Cocktail' and our extra special festive mince pie brandy.

The Champagne Cocktail dates all the way back to Jerry Thomas' Bon Vivant's Companion of 1862, and calls for a sugar cube, two dashes of aromatic bitters and 10ml of brandy to be placed in a Champagne flute and topped off with chilled Champagne.

Our version contains a simple tweak - replace ordinary brandy with the mince pie infusion we made at the weekend.

Delicious and festive - Happy Christmas!

Christmas Champagne Cocktail

10ml mince pie Cognac
dash of bitters
sugar cube

PLace a sugar cube in a chilled Champagne flute. Add a dash of bitters and 10ml Cognac. Top with chilled Champagne and stir once.

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