Mince Pie Brandy

A Saturday project for the last weeekend before Christmas, this mince pie brandy is easy to make (in just one weekend), and goes with almost anything. Well, anything you might want brandy with at least.

It also produces at least 200g of brandy-infused mincemeat which can be put to good use in some pies.

This infusion can be done ‘cold’ (but will take up to a week) or by this quicker, cleaner sous vide recipe (or equally a slow, steady simmer in a vaccuum bag).

Mince Pie Brandy

500ml brandy
200g mincemeat

Combine all ingredients in a Ziplock bag. Expel all of the air and seal. Heat sous vide at 45°c for one hour and then place the sealed bag in the freezer overnight. Strain and filter the mix and transfer to a sterile bottle. Keep for up to two weeks

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