PB&J Old Fashioned

Once tasted, never forgotten.

There are lots of so-called rules about how to make an Old Fashioned. There's even a whole website (Old Fashioned 101) dedicated to how to make an Old Fashioned the right way, and how NOT to do it.

Now, while there is method in all this madness, insofar as chilling and dilution have a very important role to play in this drink, we believe the right way to make an Old Fashioned is the way that makes a drink you love.

Now our way of making a PB&J Old Fashioned is set out below. We're not going to come over all prescriptive on you, but give it a go. You might like it too.

This recipe is inspired by a PB&J Old Fashioned that the beagle had in a pop-up bar in Edinburgh many years ago. It was fantastic, and this was his attempt to replicate it at home. It's subsequently gone down very well as a guilty after dinner treat at a number of events.

PB&J Old Fashioned

60ml peanut butter bourbon
5ml raspberry syrup
3 dashes Hielan' bitters

Add the raspberry syrup and bitters to a mixing glass with a handful of cubed ice and half the bourbon. Stir for one minute and then add a second handful of ice and the remaining bourbon. Stir for another minute and then strain into a chilled rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a raspberry and a teaspoon of peanut butter.

Peanut Butter Bourbon: makes 700ml Lightly roast 250g raw peanuts to release the oil. Add these and two teaspoons of brown sugar to a 700ml bottle of bourbon and leave to infuse, shaking occasionally. After a week, soften two tablespoons of peanut butter and add to the bourbon and peanuts. Leave for a further three to four days (according to taste). Once satisfied with the taste, freeze the mix for 24 hours and strain out the solids.

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