Burns Night Whisky Tasting

For Burns Night in 2018 we hosted a whisky tasting for beginners for a group of London lawyers.

We chose a selection of whiskies to guide our beginners through the highlights of the main Scotch whisky regions, and each was also the hook for a story about the history or themes of the whisky industry:

  • is blended whisky better than single malt?
  • why would you use a sherry cask or a bourbon cask?
  • and what happens if you just use sherry casks? Once or twice?
  • what role did smuggling play, and why did the industry decline?
  • what about peat and the rebirth of new and old distilleries?

Whisky List

Compass Box Oak Cross - a Highland & Speyside blended malt for a gentle introduction.
Balvenie 12-year-old Doublewood - a Speyside single malt for a little sherry and a little bourbon.
Glendronach 12-year-old - a Highland single malt sherry bomb.
Springbank 10-year-old - a Campbelltown single malt which is balanced with a hint of peat.
Port Askaig 8-year-old - an Islay single malt which is young but fiery.

Oh and a welcoming West Coast Highball to begin...

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