Mini Mac

"The beagle reached a paw up to his collar and drew out a hip flask...He took a deep draught from the flask and shivered as the warming pear whisky and ginger liqueur flowed down his throat. He felt as if the tingle of the ginger reached right to the tips of his paws and he paused to stretch with delight and pass the flask to his partner." - Christmas with Fox & Beagle

This is precisely the drink you need in your hip flask this winter. It combines our cinnamon & pear whisky with a nice ginger liqueur (like King's Ginger).

The name comes from its relationship to the whisky mac - a warming combination of equal parts Scotch whisky and ginger wine which is a classic hip flask drink at Scottish rugby internationals. We've upgraded both, but hope that Colonel Hector MacDonald doesn't mind too much.

Mini Mac

Scale up to fit your hip flask
1.5 parts cinnamon pear whisky
1 part ginger liqueur

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This drink and story (along with several more) are available in our Christmas with Fox & Beagle book
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