Winter Cocktails Wedding Guests Will Love

Great cocktails for winter weddings.

Winter weddings aren't just about cosy pashminas and faux furs. Your theme might call for the warming glow of fairy lights and candles everywhere, but don't forget you and your guests can warm up at the bar as well.

When the weather gets a little colder, many turn their thoughts to mulled wine and sure, it is an option. Tread carefully though, because for every satisfying cup of rich warm spiced wine, there are a hundred cloying, sickly sweet concoctions churned out in Christmas markets up and down the land.

Winter Pimm's has also been making a breakthrough in recent years - a brandy-based variant of the summer garden party staple, which pairs well with hot apple juice. This is much easier to get right in large quantities and can certainly take the chill off.

However, if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary, here are some of our favourites for this time of year, taking in influences from Charles Dickens, the wassail cup and Scandinavian drinking culture.

We've also included a modern festive fizz because not everyone wants a hot drink when it's cold outside...

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