The Importance of the Wedding Cocktail Hour


It might not be at the top of the list, but everyone planning a wedding recognises the importance of having a great bar service.  You can't have a great party without making sure someone is keeping the drinks flowing, right?

Right.  But while your venue may have plenty of options to make sure Auntie Mo can get a cold gin and tonic when she needs a break from the dancefloor, what are they offering for cocktail hour?

For the bride and groom, cocktail hour is often the first moment to catch their breath alone (albeit with the photographer in tow); for your guests its the first chance to relax a little and mingle, after the formalities of the ceremony.

So, taking all this into account; is a tray of warm prosecco really going to cut it?

With the growth of craft cocktail culture, many couples are now choosing to take the cocktail hour back to its origins and serve high quality, personal (and increasingly Instagram/Pinterest-ready) cocktails.

We've worked at many events (read more about some of them here); anything from a pimped glass of perfectly chilled Prosecco through to bespoke drinks developed especially to fit the theme or reflect the personalities of the bride and groom.

No idea where to start?

What about serving a twist on your favourite cocktail - dressed up to suit the occasion (much like your guests), or a drink that reminds you of the night you first met?  Hmm, maybe someone should keep Auntie Mo away from the Jagerbombs...

Don't worry, Fox & Beagle can help.

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