Wedding Drinks: Beyond the Hotel Bar

Wedding Cocktails: Beyond the Hotel Bar

Planning your wedding drinks? Frustrated by the options at your hotel or venue? Don't worry, there is life beyond the hotel bar.

One thing we learnt when we were planning our own wedding is just how few venues can be trusted to make a decent cocktail. Granted we were looking at small venues in the West Highlands of Scotland, but there weren't many places we'd trust with a Manhattan for one, (shaken with three-year-old vermouth, anyone?), let alone Manhattans for everyone, and there was definitely nowhere we'd trust to make us something beyond the usual repertoire.

We didn't have time to teach an old bartender how to reverse dry shake egg whites, do you?

And you know what? That's ok. You can't expect every venue to be perfect. Some excel at food, some have a great location, some might tick two, three or four boxes on your list, but not every bar can serve high-quality craft cocktails using the best local ingredients. Not every bar can create a bespoke menu tailored to your requests, be they colours, taste, or personality.

That's why we started Fox & Beagle. To bring the highest quality craft cocktails to beautiful; venues up and down the country. We'll let them take care of the scenery and the table linen, get a florist in to sort the flowers, and we'll just stick to what we do best - crafting unique and memorable drinks for you and your guests.

Would you rather have...

Fox & Beagle Hotel Bar
High-quality craft cocktails made (with love) by experts OR Sticky, sweet 'classics' made by temporary staff who don't know or care how to shake, stir, muddle or strain?
Your choice of brands and suppliers OR The house vodka and gin?
A unique, personal cocktail menu tailored to your preferences OR A choice of package A or package B?
Your choice of prices and budget and a bill per drink served OR The hotel bar's markup multiplied by average consumption, number of guests and hours of service?
Complete freedom (ok, within reason) OR A world of other restrictions imposed by inflexible venue drinks packages?

You know your wedding deserves better than the gold or silver package, and no, we don't mean the (*gasp*) platinum package. So why don't you find out how easy, personal and affordable a wedding bar service from Fox & Beagle can be?

Why not drop us a line now and talk us through your plans? We'd love to share our experience and help you

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