Past Events

Hey, it's ok. We get it. This is your party. You need more convincing. That's fine. We'd be the just same. Hell, we were once.

Well, ain't it just lucky that you've found yourself on our 'Past Events' page. The place we keep the lowdown on a selection of some of the weddings, parties and events we've rocked in the last few years.

Feast your eyes on these, and if you still need convincing after that --- well, there's just no hope for us is there? Hey, wait...just drop us an email - we still reckon we can come up with a solution that will blow your little socks off.


Glasto-Sloe Wedding

Winter Wedding - Beyond Mulled Wine

Summer Wedding Cocktails: Bring A Barrel

Other Parties

Turning Twenty-Rum

Beers with Burns

Future Burns

Springtime Pop Up Bar

Around The World in 80 Days

Fantastic Mr Fox

Corporate Events

Burns Night Whisky Tasting


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