Future Burns

Modern Scottish classics and new flavours to match a 21st Century Burns Night menu in London, 2015.

The food menu featured a spiced gravlax with peanut and mint slaw, the traditional haggis, cranachan with cardamom honey and whisky gums, and we were invited to provide the drinks to accompany this 'multisensory' tribute to the great Scottish poet.

Now this is a tough gig. The man himself was scathing of any non-Scots ingredient – he particular reviled brandy and French wine, but he was partial to the odd dram of the “king o’ grain”. We didn't stick entirely to this remit, but then Rabbie himself wasn't on the guest list, and we’re sure the ploughman poet would not have objected to the following combinations which go together like a country lassie and mawn hay.

Islay Dawn

45ml peated Scotch whisky
12.5ml pear brandy
12.5ml honey syrup
12.5ml fresh lemon juice

Shake all ingredients with cubed ice. Strain into a chilled rocks glass and garnish with a spritz of Islay sea mist (Islay whisky, dashi, samphire water).

Bobby Burns & Pops

50ml blended Scotch whisky
25ml sweet vermouth
Dash of Bénédictine
Dash of absinthe

Stir all ingredients with cubed ice. Strain into a soda siphon and charge. Bottle and serve.

Caourunn Timrous Beastie

30ml Scottish gin
15ml fresh lemon juice
7.5ml thistle syrup
One egg white

Shake all ingredients with cubed ice. Strain into a chilled coupe glass and top with Prosecco and a handful of Scottish berries

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