Bespoke cocktails, menus and events.
Let Fox & Beagle take the strain.

Whether you’re hosting a house party or planning a wedding, wouldn’t you like a more personalised choice of drinks?

You don’t have time to find that perfect drink to pair with the canapés or develop a wedding cocktail that will complement the theme of the day, but we do.

We have five years experience of developing drinks and menus for all sorts of occasions. From house-warming and engagement parties to birthdays and weddings. Give us a clue and we can come up with a bespoke drink or full concept menu for any event.

What were you drinking when you met? How does your fiancées perfume smell? Taste and smell have an amazing ability to bring back fond memories and transport you back to a favourite time and place. Why not harness this ability by working with us to create a bespoke cocktail to match some special olfactory memories from your own lives.

Interested in what we can offer? Here’s what we’ve been up to recently: