Beer and a Smoke

Today is the inaugural British Beer Day and we’re celebrating with a foxy twist on the Beer and a Smoke recipe from Jim Meehan’s PDT recipe book:

  1. Stir 30ml mezcal, 20ml lime juice, a dash of celery bitters and four dashes of Tabasco, or hot sauce with cubed ice for thirty seconds.
  2. Strain into a chilled Collins glass with a salted rim.
  3. Top with 180ml of IPA* and garnish with grated citrus zest.

* The IPA I’m using is Meantime IPA – what could be more British?

Mince Pie Old Fashioned

cropped mince pie old fashioned

For the last #FridayOldFashioned before Christmas, here is a Mince Pie Old Fashioned.  Instead of using the mince pie cognac for this one, here is a more versatile approach to mince pie flavouring: a mince pie syrup:

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Cinnamon Apple Manhattan

apple cinnamon manhattan cropped

This week’s #midweekmanhattan is made Christmas-appropriate through the addition of cinnamon and applejack:

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Mince Pie Cognac

Photo courtesy of Sarah, some rights reserved


Last year I put the decision between Christmas pudding or mince pie bourbon to a Twitter vote and Christmas Pudding Bourbon came out on top.  It was tasty, super sweet and full of festive flavour.

This year then, it is the turn of the humble mince pie to be boozified.  I’ve decided to infuse it into Cognac instead of bourbon and over the next four weeks I will use this to showcase four Christmas cocktail recipes.

As I suggested last year, the mince pie infusion is much easier to make, but in an attempt to help create a clearer, more easily filtered infusion, I have decided to follow a sous vide recipe.

  1. Add 500ml of good quality Cognac and 200g of store-bought mincemeat to a ziplock bag.  Expel all of the air and seal.
  2. Heat the sealed bag at 45°c for one hour (see my Sous Vide Syrup recipe for my home sous vide technique).
  3. Once the hour is up, place the sealed bag in the freezer overnight.
  4. Next morning strain and filter the mix and bottle.  Yum!